Acceleration. Stability. Integration.

GameService combines the types of services required to make online games with a wide and reliable network,
Therefore, game developers can design the best online games.

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Speed up your development process!

Cloud Storage

With the cloud storage, you can manage large and variable files of your game on the Developer Panel. Therefore you do not need to update your game to change The Game Variables

Social network

Social networks such as parties, group and private conversations, friends, user searches, etc. are designed and you only need to use the functions.

Ready Functions

no longer need to design your own game server-side functions for each game feature. Use SDKs and focus on user experience and visual design.



Leave the maintenance and monitoring to us!

Wide area network

We using a wide network can connect your players anywhere at Low lentancy and keep your game available at any time.

Active Monitoring

Our support team constantly and actively monitors the status of the network, the required resources and the status of the services. We dispense game developers from config and server side programming.

RealTime Statistics

Developers can view their usage status and data in an instant by visiting their panel. The game service also displays the players' movements as a timeline for you.



Experience integrated management!

User management

you can also view all user data and manage them By referring to the users section in the panel.


Your game data is available as data tables with the structure and Permissions. To change and update the various capabilities, just go to Tables in Developer panel

Functions as a service

We allows you to run your code on Our servers. Therefore, you can add different types of logic to your game in a safer environment with more access.